Welcome to What Race To Run, your one-stop destination for discovering and participating in races from all corners of the globe! Our mission is to connect passionate runners like you with the most exhilarating, diverse, and unforgettable racing experiences on the planet.

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About Us

At What Race To Run, we believe that running transcends borders and cultures – it’s a universal language that unites people through shared passion and determination. That’s why we’ve meticulously curated a vast selection of races from every continent, showcasing the unique beauty and challenges that each location has to offer.

From marathons through bustling cityscapes to trail runs in breathtaking natural landscapes, our platform offers a world of possibilities for runners of all levels and aspirations. Whether you’re seeking a new personal best or simply looking to immerse yourself in the camaraderie of the global running community, What Race To Run is your gateway to a lifetime of unforgettable adventures.

Join us today and embark on the journey of a lifetime, exploring the world one race at a time. Lace-up your running shoes, get ready to make memories, and let What Race To Run be your guide to the most awe-inspiring and transformative running experiences the world has to offer. Welcome to the global running family!

The Team

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