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Western States Endurance Run

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Start Date
June 29
End Date
June 30

The Western States Endurance Run, commonly referred to as WSER, is one of the oldest and most prestigious ultramarathon races in the world. Founded in 1974, it covers a 100-mile course from Squaw Valley, California to Auburn, California, passing through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges. The terrain is rugged, with punishing climbs and descents, and the weather is usually hot and unforgiving. Running the WSER is considered the ultimate test of endurance, and thousands of ultra-runners from around the world dream of one day crossing the finish line. If you’re planning to tackle this iconic race, read on for a guide to WSER to help you prepare for it.

WSER Course:

The WSER course is 100 miles long with over 18,000 feet of elevation gain and almost 23,000 feet of descent. The course passes through canyons, meadows, forests, and streams, providing stunning vistas for the runners. The course is marked with ribbons, chalk, and reflectors, and aid stations are set up every few miles to provide food, fluids, medical assistance, and encouragement. To gauge your readiness for the WSER, you should study the course map and elevation profile, and train on similar terrain and conditions.

WSER Qualification:

To enter the WSER, you need to qualify by completing a qualifying race of at least 50 miles within the past two years. The qualifying races should be certified by a recognized ultrarunning organization and have predetermined time limits based on the distance. If you’re new to ultrarunning, you should start with shorter races and work your way up to the qualifying distance. You also need to register for the WSER as soon as possible since the race lottery closes quickly.

WSER Training:

Training for the WSER requires a long-term plan that includes mileage buildup, hill work, speed work, recovery, nutrition, and mental preparation. You should aim to log at least 50 miles per week, with one or two long runs of 20 to 30 miles, and many short runs of 5 to 10 miles. You should also do hill repeats, tempo runs, and pace runs to simulate the race conditions. You should recover actively through cross-training, yoga, massage, and rest days. You should also design a nutrition plan that suits your needs and budget, and practice it during training. Finally, you should prepare yourself mentally by visualizing the challenges and rewards of the race, and staying positive and focused.

WSER Race Day:

On the race day, you should arrive at the start area well-rested, nourished, hydrated, and clothed appropriately for the weather. You should carry a hydration system, a headlamp, a map, a whistle, and a first-aid kit with you at all times. You should also carry a drop bag with spare clothes, shoes, socks, and nutrition to be delivered to designated aid stations. You should run at your own pace, conserve your energy, and listen to your body. You should also stay alert, beware of the wildlife, and respect the other runners, volunteers, and supporters. Most importantly, you should enjoy the experience, savor the scenery, and celebrate the accomplishment.

The Western States Endurance Run is not just a race, but a journey that tests your physical, mental, and emotional limits. To succeed in the WSER, you need to have discipline, dedication, and determination, and to prepare thoroughly for it. By following the tips in this guide, you can increase your chances of completing the WSER and joining the ranks of the elite ultra-runners who have achieved this feat. Remember, the WSER is not for everyone, but for those who dare to dream big and work hard, the WSER is the ultimate adventure.

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Date :
29 June 2024
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All day
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Western States Endurance Run Foundation
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