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Top 5 Tips For New Runners

New runners can benefit from these top 5 tips while tying their shoes on a brick walkway.

Top 5 Tips For New Runners

Running is an excellent way to stay healthy, fit, and focused. However, starting a running routine can be challenging, especially if you are new to it. The good news is that with the right mindset, gear, and support system, you can start your running journey right and achieve your fitness goals. In this blog post, we will be sharing the top 5 tips for new runners that can help you kick-start your running journey correctly and stay motivated during the process.

1. Start small:

The most important tip for new runners is to start small. You don’t need to run a marathon on the first day. Begin with powerwalking and gradually progress to jogging. Start by setting intervals of 20-30 minutes, which should be doable even if you are just starting. As you move forward, increase the time gradually, and monitor your progress.

2. Find an app to track your workouts:

An excellent way to stay motivated as a new runner is to track your progress through an app. There are lots of apps that you can use to track your running routine. Our favorite app to use for tracking runs is Strava. Running apps can help you to monitor your pace, distance, time, and calories burned. You can also go back to your previous workouts to see how far you’ve come and set new goals accordingly.

3. Don’t compare yourself to advanced runners:

One common mistake that new runners make is comparing themselves to advanced runners. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you are no exception. Instead, focus on your progress and celebrate every milestone. Embrace that every run is a step forward, and know that you are improving with each step you take.

4. Invest in essential running gear:

Good running gear can make a significant difference in your running journey. Invest in running shoes that match your stride. We highly recommend getting a gait test before buying shoes to ensure you get the best fit. Also, invest in dry-fit clothing, a running pack, and a hydration bottle or vest. The right gear can protect you from injury, provide support, and keep you comfortable throughout your runs.

5. Write down your “Why”:

Finally, it’s essential to write down your “Why.” What motivated you to start your running journey? What are your goals? Writing down your purpose can help you to remember why you started your journey and stay motivated when you are feeling uninspired. Whenever you need an extra push, go back to your “Why” and refocus your energy on your goals.

Starting your running journey right is essential for achieving your fitness goals. Remember to start small, track your progress, avoid comparing yourself to advanced runners, invest in essential running gear, and write down your “Why.” Your running journey is unique, and you should embrace it and enjoy every step of the way. With consistent practice and these tips, you can take your running to a whole new level and achieve your desired fitness level.