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Smart Savings on Running Gear: Expert Tips from Marathoner Christal Jackson

Athletic running apparel: Clothes, Watch, Air Pods & Shoes

Smart Savings on Running Gear: Expert Tips from Marathoner Christal Jackson

I am an RRCA Distance Coach with a wealth of running experience, including eight marathons and thirteen half-marathons and I’d like to share invaluable tips for runners looking to save money on their gear without compromising on quality. Here are a few tips for runners looking to save money while either starting the sport or continuing on your journey:

1. Always Search for Clearance on Fitness Websites

Weekly Deals: Take advantage of regular clearance events like Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” offerings, updated every Thursday. These deals are a great way to snag premium gear at significantly lower prices.

2. Shop Discount Stores

Finding Bargains: Discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are treasure troves for runners seeking quality gear without the steep prices. These stores often carry high-end brands at a fraction of the cost due to overstock, last season’s styles, or minor imperfections that don’t affect performance.

3. Sign Up for Emails from Run Stores

Exclusive Discounts: By subscribing to newsletters from specialized run stores like Road Runner Sports and New Balance, you’re directly in the loop for sales, exclusive member discounts, and special events. This proactive approach can lead to significant savings on new releases and essential gear.

4. Prioritize Races That May Be Costly

Strategic Race Selection: Running events can be expensive, so it’s wise to be selective about which races to enter. Prioritizing races means focusing on those that offer more than just a running experience—think destination races or those that support a cause you care about. This approach ensures your investment goes beyond just the race day, offering a richer, more meaningful running experience.

5. Sign Up for Email Notifications from Your Goal Races

Stay Informed on Price Increases: Most races have early bird pricing, with costs escalating as the event nears. By subscribing to email notifications from races you’re interested in, you can take advantage of lower prices and avoid last-minute surges.

6. Wear Your Run Shoes Until You Run Them Down

Maximizing Shoe Life: A good pair of running shoes typically lasts between 200-400 miles. It’s crucial to fully utilize them before purchasing a new pair. Continuously buying new shoes not only strains your budget but also prevents you from getting the full value out of your current pair. Monitoring your mileage can help ensure you’re replacing your shoes at the appropriate time to avoid injury while also being economical.

Whether you’re a novice runner or a seasoned marathoner, I hope these tips can assist in balancing your passion for running with financial pragmatism.

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